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There are busts, and then there are Vegas busts. When you want a pristine evening with a beautiful woman and you want to make sure everything is perfect, don’t settle for anything less than hot busty escorts. 

With just a single call you can arrange a date unlike any you’ve ever experienced. And if it’s your cup of tea, you’ll find the best busy Vegas escorts right here. 

the ultimate bar crawl with girls

Ready For Fun!

Every single one of our busty escorts is ready for a good time. They want to hit the city and not only have fun, but make sure you do as well. Want to see the sites, take in a tour, or simply want arm candy for a big event? A hot babe with perfect assets will always make it better.  And better can be found right here. 

Book Our Most Popular Girls

Not sure who to go with, you just want one of our Las Vegas busty escorts that is highly rated and reviews? You can check out our most booked escorts right here. 

These are the girls men continually come back for. They are blondes with perfect bodies. The brunettes who know how to light up a room (as well as your hormones). Having a hard time choosing? These elite busy escorts will never let you down. 


Do blondes do it better? You can find out now by booking the blonde girl of your dreams. Yes, we know you’ve been dreaming of a blonde with amazing features because every warm-blooded man in the history of the universe has dreamed of a blonde with great features. 

These kinds of girls can be hard to come by. But don’t worry, we’ll connect you with the perfect busty blonde escorts right here. Want a thin busty blonde? Not a problem. Want one with a bigger caboose that knows how to work it? We’ve got your big busy escorts right here as well.


Maybe you’d rather go with the girl-next-door brunette? You’ll find them here to. These might not be the girls you want to call mom about, but you’ll absolutely want to tell your buddies about them. From chilling to a night out on the town, the brunettes here are the busy Vegas escorts you’ve been hoping for. 


Do you want to date a unicorn? Well, busty Asian escorts is about as close as you’re going to get, and that makes it all the more incredible. They are exotic and erotic and will make your knees buckle at the sight. Our busy Asian escorts are top class and know how to treat you. From Japanese to Filipino and everything in between, you’ll find your dream Asian right here. 

Our Clients Left Breathless

Las Vegas Strippers

There’s an array of stripper establishments to view beautiful women on stage orThe only way to stay in business here in Vegas is to deliver the goods. With other options all around, clients will look elsewhere if everything isn’t up to par. Our girls don’t just beat par, they are a hole in one.  up close and personal. Of course having strippers come to you is even better!

In Room Massages

“I’ve always been shy, so I don’t make a lot of friends. Had a business convention here and was dreading it. Everyone else was going out. I wanted someone I could spend time with on my own. Sarah came out. She not only looked like a dream, but she made me feel like a million bucks as well. That’s what people don’t tell you about escorts. They look amazing, but it’s about how they treat you. I have more confidence now just because how she made me feel. Nobody else has done that before.” – James

The Escort Experience

“I turned heads, which is kind of the point. Jasmine was the perfect companion for a night on the town. Haven’t even had a girlfriend treat me as well as she did. BEST NIGHT EVER!” – Julio

Popular Outfits

Want to go out on the town? The escorts have that covered. But maybe you want her to rock a slightly different attire? Check off your schoolboy fantasy with a nurse outfit, a hot cowgirl getup, a naughty cheerleader, or have her dress like the secretary that would make it impossible to get any work done. Have other desires? Let us know. We’ll help make it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does An Escort Cost?

It depends on the girl and how long you book her for. Generally, it gets cheaper every hour you add on. So check out each girl’s profile you’re interested in for the base price information.

What if I Don’t Like My Girl?

If she shows up and she doesn’t live up to expectations, you can tell her that and she’ll leave. We can then help set up a different girl for you. 

But Are The Pics Real? Are They Recent?

If you’ve been on a dating app you know people are either using fake images, or they use a pic from a decade and 30 pounds ago. That’s not the case here. In Vegas, you don’t last long if you don’t deliver. There are just too many other options. All of our photos are up to date and specifically of the girl you’ll go on a date with. 

That’s why you should never book someone from a Craigslist-like website. The images can be fake, old, or doctored. We’re like National Geographic here. Everything is 100% real and authentic ( except for some of the boobs. Some of those might be fake ;). 

Are Escorts Legal?

100%. You’re just paying for someone’s time. It’s no different than paying for a lawyer or therapist. The only difference is you won’t feel swindled by an escort, and you’ll probably feel better after the time you spent with her as well. 

Should the two of you end up doing something a bit more physical together? That’s just two adults having fun together. Nothing illegal about that

What Kind of Escorts Are There?

Like Skittles, there’s every color of the rainbow. From black to tan, white to anything else, if you want a particular ethnicity, size, height, bust, or anything else, you can book them. 

How Far In Advance Should Escorts Be Booked?

While there’s no cutoff time period, it’s always better to book sooner rather than later as it gives you a better chance to book one of our busty Vegas escorts.

When Will They Arrive?

Booking in advance? They will be prompt and on time. Spur of the moment booking? They will arrive within 30 to 45 minutes. 

What Kinds of Payments Are Acceptable?

Keep the personal checks at home. Cash is the best option, but any major credit card, plus PayPal, CashApp, and Venmo work with our elite busty escorts.

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