Lily is the kind of girl you fall for, not based on her looks, but because of just how friendly she is. Growing up she was the girl that spent time with everyone in school. She wasn’t popular, but she made friends easily. But she didn’t want to spend her time with the rich, popular kids. They didn’t have the substance she wanted. Instead, she spent her days with the kids who weren’t afraid to show their true colors. Now, she does the same. She could be the most popular woman in Vegas, but instead, she spends her time with those people who are true to themselves. 

About Lily

  • Height: 5’2″
  • Weight: 119 lbs
  • Measurements: 36DDD – 24-36
  • Background: Chinese
  • Hobbies: Playing any kind of word game, dabbling with musical instruments, baking

“I’m a friendly kind of girl. I think everyone is friendly, deep down, it just takes some time to crack that shell sometimes. I want to get down to your core and really bring out that friendly side. The side we can both enjoy the most.”

  • Favorite Movie / TV Show : The old Transformers Saturday morning cartoon.

Bubbly With A Smile

Lily has that girl next door kind of face. She’s adorable and beautiful all at the same time. She’s the girl you’d love to introduce to mom and yet know you’d have the most amazing time with. A single touch from her can send shivers from head to toe, brain to soul. And yet, she can laugh away any kind of uncomfortable situation with her bubbly personality. 

Open Yourself Up With Lily

Lily simply has a way with people. Just a few minutes with her and you’ll want to spill your life story. And that’s exactly what Lily loves. She likes to get down to what makes you. 

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